Battle of Hastings – Skateboard Competition July 29th in England

Hastings Skate Comp

Getting over to England looking for some news I came across the Hastings Skate Comp on July 29th. The contest is sponsored by quite a few companies and it sounds more like a big party / session than a straight on contest which always means fun. A fancy dress contest is being held so jump into your superhero costume and show your skills if you are around the area! And a vert best wall trick contest is also on the schedule.

To find out more just visit the MySpace page here :

And to get there just go to: Hastings Skatepark, White Rocks Gardens, Falise Road, Hastings, England

[gmap name=’Hastings’ lat=’50.855122′ lng=’0.56877′ zoom=’8′ width=’680′ desc=’Hastings Skate Competition’]

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