Helsinki Hustle

Helsinki is one cool city and Finland a wonderful country which does take some getting used to. First off, forget learning the language – it’s incredibly difficult and just about everybody speaks good English. Second thing is that even if it sounds like they may be getting mad at you, it could be that they are saying you’re the coolest guy around. And last but not least, a lot of these friendly Finnish people can drink like there’s no tomorrow so beware if you think you want to show them your drinking skills.

That being said Finland also has it’s share of cool spots to skate and I can really recommend getting over there in the summer time as the days are extremely long (a little simple geography: the sun stays up a lot longer due to it’s location on the globe) and the city is buzzing with activity.

Red Bull Skateboarding put together a cool video clip called “Helsinki Hustle” featuring Axel Cruysberghs, Phil Zwijsen, Jarne Verbruggen and Albert Nyberg along with special appearances by Marius Sylvanen and Wes Kremer.

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