Heroin Skateboards bring out new board series

Heroin Skateboards is known for bringing out some nice boards with capturing graphics and they have done it again with this line-up of boards which were created by an artist by the name of Gunsho…ever heard of him? Find out more and take a look at the boards right here.

Gunsho is just the artist name for James Quigley. He has a thing for illustrating with demons, beasts and mutants in a surrealistic manner. From what I gather is also working on a modern interpretation of the 72 demons within the classic occult text known as The Goetia. Each demon is the subject of a screen-printed art print. The series entitled “Gunsho’s Demonology” will be coming out soon as well. While you are waiting check out the boards or go and visit Gunsho’s website.

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