Highlight Reel - Australian Bowl Championships 2016

Highlight Reel – Australian Bowl Championships 2016

It’s summer time in Australia and the skateboarding contest season is kicking. Bowl-A-Rama Bondi 2016 was mad and the Australian Bowl Championships 2016 at Newcastle’s Bar Beach bowl kept the level really high. Check out this video reel with some of the highlights.

Highlight Reel: Australian Bowl-Riding Championships 2016 from Boardworld on Vimeo.

1st: Cory Juneau
2nd: Trey Wood
3rd: Rune Glifberg
4th: Sandro Dias
5th: Ivan Federico
6th: Jono Schwan
7th: Austin Poynter
8th: Luke Russell

1st: Renton Millar
2nd: Pat Ngoho
3rd: Marco Cruz
4th: Chris Patton
5th: Adam Luxford
6th: Luke Jones

1st: Jedd McKenzie
2nd: Zane Hedley
3rd: Ethan Copeland
4th: Zack Callahan
5th: Hugo Ilencik
6th: Jed Ragen

1st: Poppy Starr Olsen
2nd: Jordyn Barratt
3rd: Sari Simpson
4th: Jade Perry
5th: Izy Mutu

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