How to build the largest skatepark of the world – Shanghai

The Shanghai skatepark is the world’s largest skatepark with 13,700 square meters of skateable terrain, 2 halfpipes, almost an uncountable number of bowls (4500 square meters of bowl area!) and a huge plaza area. Skaters will find an exceptionally long vert ramp with a couple of extended roll ins, bowls that spine into other bowls that spine into other bowls that transfer into other bowls, pipes that lead from one section of the park to another, flat banks, quarter pipes of all sizes. There’s a mini ramp, fun boxes, hips, grind poles, hand rails, wall rides and more and the bowl sections look so deep that you better bring enough speed to get out again!

If you have some time left then go over to the skatepark’s website and watch the “making of” video…

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