Bowlzilla Chile

Impressions from the Bowlzilla Chile Contest

The middle of January 2016 saw a large group of skateboarders from around the globe travelling all the way to Chile to skate a brand new huge bowl which was finished just beforethe Bowlzilla Chile 2016 contest and music festival kicked off. Nobody had a home advantage and it was definitely a different type of bowl to ride. With Pedro Barros injuring himself just a day before the contest, the chances were wide open for anyone to walk away with the win.

The crowd was big and getting really loud with a lot of help from Sean Goff on the mic and you can see with the video below that the action in the pool was crazy.

Masters Results:
1. Tony Hawk
2. Steve Caballero
3. Bruno Passos

Pro Skaters Results:
1. Murilo Peres
2. Tom Schaar
3. Chris Russell

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