Europeskate Photos Of The Day With Interstate Mag And Torey Pudwill

Europeskate Photo Of The Day With Interstate Mag And Torey Pudwill

The Maloof Money Cup 2010 in New York has left it’s impressions around the globe as one of the best street contests in a while (depends on your opinion and point of view obviously!) and of course the contest with the highest payout ever.

Our mate Thomas over on (check out their site and support them!) was there and kindly sent over some pictures for us to publish! Thanks for that and this is a first for Europeskate: as these photos all feature Torey Pudwill ripping the obstacles, he gets four pictures for today’s Europeskate Photo Of The Day series!

Torey Pudwill backside noseblunt slide

Torey Pudwill kickflipping the hubba

Torey Pudwill noseblunt sliding the Tech Deck obstacle

Torey Pudwill back smith grinding!

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