Interview With Austin Poynter

Skateboarding continues it’s seemlingly never ending expansion and the number of talented skaters is growing exponentially. These days you really have to have some serious talent to shine brighter than the rest. Austin Poynter is a very good example for a skater who has some serious goals in skateboarding and he backs it up with an amazing amount of style, power, a big bag of tricks and some really, really big airs!

This is one of the best parts of running – I sometimes have the luck to exchange some mails and words with some of the biggest talents and down to earth people in skateboarding. Have a read about what Austin is up to and where he’s heading – for some reason I remember interviewing Pedro Barros a few years ago and thinking “this Pedro is one skater to really watch out for in the future” – Austin makes me think the same!

Hi Austin. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. As you’ve been put into the limelight we’d like to get some of the basic facts straight from the start – how old are you, where do you come from/where do you live now, current sponsors and current board set-up…

I’m 16, I will be 17 on July 20th. I come from Anaheim, CA and moved to Oceanside four years ago. Current Sponsors: Monster Energy, Oakley, S-One Helmets, Ocean Current, Osiris Shoes, Go-Pro, 187 Pads,
McGill Skateshop, Powell-Peralta.

I actually use 3 different set ups, for the street and small Bowls I use a 8.25 Powel-Peralta Deck, 139 Indy trucks, 54 mm Bones STF wheels with Bones Swiss Bearings. I have a board set up just for the Combi at Vans, it’s a 8.25 Powell Deck, 139 Indy’s and Bones 56 MM STF’s with Bones Bearings of course. Set-up #3 is my vert board, 8.5 Powell deck, 149 Indy’s and 60mm STF Bones and Bones Bearings. All boards are gripped with Monster Logo’d Mob Grip.

Being the age you are and so talented you either began early with skateboarding or learned really fast. Do you remember your very first experience with skateboarding and what drives you to keep getting back on your board every day and having fun while learning tricks?

I started at age 10. My first experience riding was riding around the neighborhood with friends and
having fun. Learning new tricks and dialing them in always puts me back on the skateboard.

Your range of tricks is really impressive and you have some of the most stylish and highest airs around. Do you have any favorite tricks and what tricks are you trying to learn right now / or want to learn in the future?

Thanks a lot! I always enjoy doing front smith grinds and cross bones. I’m working different flip tricks and different 540s.

How has your hometown affected your skateboarding?

Some people call San Diego, CA the heart of skateboarding because there are so many different skateparks and companies to support it.

To learn new tricks we all know that sessions with skaters on your level or higher are great. Who do like to session with on a regular basis and who would you like to have a skate session with if you could?

There are always pro sessions at the DC/Monster ramp and Tony Hawks ramp but I usually just skate at
the YMCA in Encinitas with some friends, otherwise if I do hit the ramps with the pros I skate with Neal Hendrix, Pierre-Luc Gangon, Danny Mayer, Paul-Luc Ronchetti, and Lincoln Ueda.

You seem to be more of a vert skater – is this true or do you try to spread your skating time on to all different terrains?

I consider myself to be more of a transitional skater with a heart for vert but sometimes I like to skate around in the street, it’s a fun change.

Do you have any favorite skate spots and if yes, tell us what makes them so good for you.

My favorite skate spot is Tony Hawk’s vert ramp and the Combi Pool at Vans skatepark. They are perfect
training because Tony’s Ramp is flawless and fast, and the Combi is a monster and the best bowl around!

Growing up skateboarding many of us look up to other skaters – for their style, their tricks, their attitude, whatever. Has any skaters left a big impression on you and why?

For me it’s Bucky Lasek. I have always looked up to him, not only because he’s a great skater, but a great person as well. His fluid style and gnarly tricks always left an impression on me. He was one of the first skaters I saw as a kid and I thought to myself “I want to be like that guy.”

Have you skated any Mega-Ramp, I didn’t find any footage.

I’ve skated the Mega-Ramp 2.0 which is a little smaller than the standard mega with a gap about 9 meters wide and a quarter pipe about 4.5 meters high. That ramp is really fun, you have the thrill of flying very high, without the Mega Ramp danger..

Is skating in contests something you really like to do or is a session with friends more fun? Some people like the pressure in contests and it pushes them further.

I prefer not to deal with the stress of a contest. For me, sessions with friends are the most enjoyable because we always push each other to learn new things.

Where is your skateboarding taking you in 2012 and the future (contests / your plans)

I’m skating the Dew Tour bowl in August in Ocean City, Maryland, then to New York in October for the Bowl-A-Rama. I’m open to whatever comes up that sounds fun! Maybe skate sounds fun! Thank you Jonathan for your time and for allowing me to be a part of >> Jonathan / Europeskate: see you in Europe hopefully soon!

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