Interview With Jocke Olsson

Jocke Olsson has been around for a long, long time in the skateboard scene and he is another one of those skaters who just doesn’t seem to get older. His skateboarding style is just as flowing as always, his airs make you strain your neck muscles from looking up and he still can be found all over this planet skating contests and shows. While this is being published he’s over at Woordward West skating the Mega-Ramp with Jake Brown and Tom Shar, kicking out little tricks like a ridicoulously high indy heelflip after over a year break due to injury. Thanks Jocke for taking the time out to speak with us all and good luck this year! Before I forget – check out Jocke’s blog right here for the latest updates.

Let’s get you introduced: age, nationality and your current board set-up!

I’m 40 rockin years old ! Korean / Swedish nationality. I’m riding a Revolution Carbonfibre deck with the new hollow Independent Trucks 149. And Bones Wheels with Swiss bearings.

You’ve been in the skateboarding scene forever it seems: when and how did skateboarding begin for you and how have you kept up the spirit for such a long time?

My sister bought me a skateboard on here school trip to England and then loving skateboarding so much I never want to stop.

So when you are not on the road traveling, what do you call your home town and home skate spot?

Before it used to be Malmö (Sweden) but I moved to Stockholm and skate the indoor place a lot called Fryshuset (Red. check out the website for the skatepark here!)

What does it feel like for you to see the incredible development in skate parks being built around the world?

It feels fantastic – it’s so fun to see the development in all the parks getting built. When I grew up I had to skate at parking garages and shovel snow to get a dry spot to skate. The kids are so spoiled these days having all opportunities to skate everything.

Hard question for some: name your top five skate spots in the world which you have skated.

Woodward West LA, DC Monster Vert in San Diego. Orange County Vans Skatepark – the Combi Bowl, Tony Hawks warehouse BoomBoom Huckjam Vert and Bob Burnquists Mega Ramp.

You are definitely a vert ramp killer so what tricks do you really enjoy doing and do you have a certain trick you wish you could do?

Oh there are so many tricks that are great to do – one rotation trick that feels really crazy fun to spin is the Frontside 540 Rodeo but I don’t make it to often, it’s hard especially trying to do it big. 540s are always fun and the trick I’m aiming for still is the 900 and 720s.

Your contest schedule in 2012 is packed with events all around the globe – any specific event or country you are looking forward to?

X-Games USA next up and its the first time for me to enter X-Games Mega Ramp so its a big thing for me. After that is Rio Megaramp ive never been to Brasil and im looking forward to go there.

How did you get started with riding the Mega-Ramps and what makes them for you so interesting?

First try was at Bob Burnquist Mega Ramp. We were a lot of people going there that day and I was the first guy to jump. When you try you have to commit and when you stepp on the board, you never have been going that fast on a skateboard before. I leaned back too much and wooped out 20 meters upside down, both feet in the air and head down sliding on my helmet on the landing.

I didn’t hurt myself and I was surpried so I went up and had another jump but after that one I felt the adrenaline and went shaky so I stopped skating.

It’s has taken a couple of years before I had the chance to ride Mega again and this time last year i went to Woodward West where they have the Mega Ramp set up.

Riding mega is the most fun ever with the speed and feeling. Unfortunatly i had another crash at woodward clipping the edge on the vert coming down from an air and injured my knee and foot so ive been out just a week before X-Games last year.

Jocke at the Mega Ramp Woodward West – Heelflip indy

Watching those Mega-Ramp videos makes me wonder, what is the hardest part: the drop, the jump over the gap or the ridiculously high airs and hang-up possibilities?

The jump over the gap isn’t to hard – you normally clear it, maybe sometimes ending up a little short. The main thing to worry about is the quarterpipe, hitting it with all that speed it’s easy to fly in over the platform and to come out too far as the margins are small.

But riding mega is the absolute most fun I ever tried on a skateboard before.

Jocke with a Mega Ramp Backflip!

How long do you see yourself in the future skating competitions with skaters over 40 being no big deal anymore?

It’s hard to say: I guess it’s all about how long the body will be fine and not having too many injuries.

Up until today what has been the most memorable moment of your skateboarding career?

My first 540 and first drop-in slam.

If could only be remembered for one thing in this life, what would you want that thing to be?

Mr China airlines haha (Europeskate comment: I’ll have to ask Jocke about what the story is behind this insider joke!)

Jocke ripping everything!
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