Interview with Nervous Skateboards from Poland

Interview with Nervous Skateboards from Poland

Poland has a fast evolving skateboard scene full of really good skaters – like in many countries – most of us have probably never heard anything about. Mateusz Paszkiewicz from System Skateboarding Magazine caught up with Bartek Milczarek, the Nervous Skateboards owner, to give us a chance to hear the thoughts and opinions of a Polish skater. Here we go:

Where did you find the idea of starting with skateboarding brand?

Working in Metropolis skate-shop with my friend Jarek Pijewski, I thought that it would be cool to create something new. We wanted to use the fact that we know a lot of people from Polish skateboarding.
In that time everybody was making clothes, we wanted to make our own hardware – wheels and decks. It was in 2000 that we put our cash into the brand fifty-fifty, we borrowed money from our families. I remember the moment when we took out the first t-shirts and sweatshirts with our logo from the boxes. That was a big shot of emotions hehe. We liked it, so did our friends, and that’s how everything started…

How Polish skateboarding industry looked like then?

As I said, it was 2000. In that time we had R Pure Denim – our sponsor in that time, then Syndrom, Studio Super Brand, Malita, Mentor I Bottle. Generally, everybody made money only by making clothes. I remember those times very good. Polish brands where on a good way, we had the first Polish skateboarding contests and sponsorships.

The Nervous Skateboards team

What are your duties as Nervous Boss?

I’m making my own trousers, the Boss pro model hehe. I’m just joking, but by the way, you can find a Boss promodel! I’m responsible for our production stuff like clothes, hardware and decks.
I’m choosing the stuff, buying and ordering materials. I’m riding the car in the city with two phones in my hand. I’m also responsible for team, events, promotion and marketing.
If I have some spare time, I spend it skating. It’s a hard work.

When did you start making a team?

Well, from the very beginning we had the team which consisted of Jarek Pijewski, Blejza and myself.
Then some things changed and I think that today we have got the best team ever, and we are going to take care of it.

Are there any important things you pay attention to while picking someone for the team?

The important thing are: character, skateboarding skills and style.

Can we meet you skateboarding at some European spots or team trips?

I often try to visit some new places, those more and less known. This year, in May, we did “3 Maj się tour”. I’m trying to do a lot of team trips. Many trips are connected with skateboarding contests. I would like to do a Nervous skateboarding film, so we’ll have to visit a lot of places.

What kind of Nervous stuff can we find?

Decks, wheels, bearings, screws, pads, caps, trousers, sweatshirts, jacket, t-shirts, long-sleeves, and also a cover for your laptop!

Can we expect a new film with Nervous team riders in it?

Yeah, there are some plans of the movie, I will try to do my best to finish this idea. Some time ago I bought a camera, so there is a lot of work to do. Wait patiently for our first movie production!
Keep on real!

Interview done by Mateusz Paszkiewicz from System Skateboarding Magazine
Proofread by Wojtek Stobba

– Check out the Nervous Skateboards website

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