Interview with Super8 master Phil Evans

Interview with Super8 master Phil Evans

Updated March 14th 19:30: did some question changes for the English 🙂 Still great Mateusz, no offense! Phil Evans has been in a lot of websites and publications lately due to the release of his latest video project “Scrum Tilly Lush” which is just damn well filmed and a lot different than your usual skateboard video footage. Our mates over at System Skateboarding Magazine, especially Mateusz Paszkiewicz, have kindly taken the time out to speak with Phil about his work and more.

Please tell us how your adventure with filming started.

It started by using my Dad’s hi tech Betamax cam during the 90’s and pretending I was filming a “2 unlimited video” by playing with the zoom handle.

This is the second production of Dick Dick or was there something else?

Yeah, I made a Dublin scene video called “True Guys” a few years ago that I shot on an one chip digital camera, good times. After that I made “No Use” which was another all Super 8 film, the first stuff I shot on film was in that.

What’s the reason why you call it “Dick Dick”?

Its just something my friend Al Collins said when we were stuck in traffic one day. He gets really impatient some times and just yelled “move your car ye fucking dick dick” I though that sounded stupid and I liked it.

Checking the “Scrum Tilly Lush” I thought – damn, you check out a lot of places in Europe. I think it was an expensive trip – the sponsors help you with money?

Yeah, the sponsors were cool man, they looked after most of the travel cost, I was lucky to get 2 sponsors that were quite into it, they helped out a lot.

What can you tell me about the cultures in different countries, have you felt comfortable in every city that you were filming in

I didn’t feel uncomfortable in any city, but I would not live in every city I was in. I felt Barcelona was strange, too many pros there doing the same thing, it makes going skating feel like a product. I really enjoyed most other cities for many different reasons. Belfast was cool as it is so gnarly, Paris is so big you feel anonymous, the same with London. All the Scandinavian vities were quite functional, safe and fun. Berlin had great street art, but home is where the heart is.

What is the best thing about traveling around the world and filming?

Being able to live like a local and not like a tourist. I got to live exactly like a local in every place, plus I got to skate and shoot skating which is what I’d do anyway.

I also like your way of filming, it’s different than todays “big” skate productions – what is your inspiration?

Lots of films outside of skateboarding- there’s point in copying other skate vids, and the spots, its nice to improvise at each spot.

Have you got any future plan dealing with skateboarding, maybe some new movie on the way?

yeah, I’m planning out a new vid now, just waiting on some things to fall into place then hopefully I can get to work soon.. Thanks Mateusz!

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