IOU Ramps – building skate ramps from Moscow to Barcelona

IOU Ramps

IOU Ramps (IOU stands for “Innovative – Original – Unique”) was founded and is owned by one Andreas Schützenberger. The main base is in Passau, Germany. If you have been involved in skateboarding more than a month you’ve seen ramps or heard about IOU Ramps somewhere. From the X-Games street qualifier to the Adrenalin Skatepark in Moscow, they have made a name for themselves in the european scene for quality ramp construction. Not only that, they also build snowboard park structures as well. To prove the quality of their ramps, IOU Ramps had a slightly different photo session so dive in for a look at what they did.

I wasn’t promising to much – IOU Ramps came up with the idea to test the quality of their ramps so how do you do it? Get something REALLY heavy and put it on the ramp. So Andreas said, how about an elephant? Or maybe two? The circus was in town one day and after some smooth talking and sorting out the permits there were elephants posing on the ramps which took the weight!

Go check out the interactive flip-catalog over on IOU Ramps website to get an overview of what this company can do, nice work!

IOU Ramps elephant test
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