iPhone TouchGrind skate game

iPhone TouchGrind skate game

I was starting the day easy with SkateDaily.net (thanks for the mention by the way!) and I read through the post about an iPhone game called “TouchGrind” developed by the Swedish company Illusion Labs.

It’s a ollie-based game which uses the touchscreen and the finger gesture support of the iPhone to allow players to actually use their fingers to control a board and all kinds of flatland tricks. After watching the video (take a look below!) I have to say I am impressed. Years of sitting in school or in meetings at work using the desk as an imaginary lip for my imaginary board under my fingers will pay off! Okay, first things first…you need an iPhone. Darn. But for those of you who do have this tech gadget of choice, keep your eyes open for this game due out in October 2008!

Here’s the official statement from Illusion Labs:

Yes, it’s official! Illusion Labs brings you the world’s first true multi-touch game for the iPhone. The board is controlled by using finger gestures similar to the legs and feet of a real skater. The dynamic and innovative controls together with the game being built on a high quality physics engine gives the players a high degree of freedom to come up with their own tricks.

Following our Game 2.0 philosophy the games comes with an online level editor open to the community to create and publish their own skateparks.Touchgrind will be available in the iPhone App Store in October.

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