Ireland’s Kings Of Concrete 2008

Kings of Concrete 2008

Finally getting some news in here from other parts of Europe – I’m working towards covering more of the countries over here in the near future anyway. The guys from Wreckless skate shop over in Ireland sent over this info about the Kings Of Concrete taking place this upcoming weekend:

Kings Of Concrete is back Bigger than ever this year: Two days of Urban Flavor July 26th/27th Wood Quay Civic Buildings.

Kings of concrete events are a fusion of urban sports, music and street art. Its a gathering of like-minded people, in essence a collaboration of skaters, BMX’ers, bladers, artists, musicians & generally groovy folk. Everyone is welcome to come along & participate in the fun or just relax and enjoy the spectacle.

There are ramp competitions for skating, blading, BMX”ing as well as a break dancing comp, an Ollie comp, a game of skate, hackysack & loads of free giveaways on the day. The weird, wonderful & colorful backdrop is provided compliments of a number of graffiti artists working on various pieces throughout the duration of the event. The Beats are provided by a combination of live acts & Dj”s. Including Electronic act Lectrosoul. And Choice Cuts Dj”s who laid down The Beats For the Day. These events are aimed at a wide audience & are family friendly.

Kings Of Concrete flyer

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