Italian skateboard championships December 8th – 9th in Milan

Italian skateboard championships 2007

Next contest update here and if my very broken Italian has not completely failed me, than it seems to be the Italian Skateboard Championships for 2007 which will be taking place at the Trinity skatepark in Milan, Italy on December 8th – 9th 2007. I gathered as much information as i could and put it all together for you…

Here’s the general schedule for the weekend:

Saturday, December 8th:

10:00 Skatepark opening and registration
14:00 Qualification Termite Series – street contest for 16 years and younger
15:00 Qualification Transition – mini ramp contest
16:00 Qualification Senior – street contest for all over 16 years of age
19:00 Open skating

After the qualifications there’s the usual after party and I believe a barbecue (nice word: grigliata) for the riders is being held as well as a few videos but I’m not completely sure *hehe*. But for sure the guys behind the “Cute & Paste” video for Zombie Productions will be showing their new footage. And after all of those skateboard goodies you can shake that ass to some funky beats!

Schedule for Sunday, December 9th 2007

10:00 Skatepark opening
12:30 Semi-finals Senior
14:30 Finals Termite Series
15:30 Finals Transition – mini ramp contest
17:30 Open skating
and at some time the prizes are given out!

contest flyer

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