Japanese Mega-Ramp in a backyard??

Japanese Mega-Ramp in a backyard??

I’ve seen a lot of cool things being built but what Kazunari Ishida from the Japanes Shimane prefecture decided to build what he loves – his very own Mega-Ramp in his backyard!! Yeah, it’s true and he funded the entire thing himself.

Thanks to the people over at skateboard.dk for putting this impressive article / interview up about this guy. I just love the way he talks:

“Moreover, I designed the mega ramp based on calculations and principles of physics. Physics gives you the confidence to try things under safe conditions.” or even better…

“I could pay for all of it because I just bought steel panels and pipes. I calculated geometries. My dad has a lot of machinery. So building the mega ramp was not so expensive. In addition, I had stopped drinking alcohol to save money for it. ” Good idea mate, I’ll start today saving 🙂

Check out the Team Mega Ramp Japan page and click on the links to get more pictures!

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