Jason Jessee and his story about the Pray For Me video

Jason Jessee and Pray For Me

Some of you out there may not even really know who Jason Jessee is. fair enough, it is just not possible to know every good skater out there with skaters with fantastic skills popping up like popcorn all over the world every day it seems. Jason still has a deck out for Santa Cruz skateboards in the veteran division so you can sort of do your mathematics about how long he has been around. I only know that I had a couple of his boards as a teenager back in the late 80’s, early 90’s and he was one of the craziest skaters a halfpipe has ever had to push above the lip.

Earlier in 2007, a biography movie about Jason Jessee and his life came out which was produced by David Rogerson and Steve Nemsick. I haven’t seen it as of today but some contoversial video material starring (drum roll) Jason Jessee himself has turned up with Jason basically telling us that he’s not happy with how the whole thing worked out. I’m not taking sides on this one – have a look for yourself and maybe we can find out more about what really is going on. Jason Jessee is still one of my all time favorite skaters, period!

To find out more about Jason and the film, read the interview over at Juice Magazine or go to the Pray For Me website.

Pray for Me movie trailer

Jason Jessee’s story to Pray For Me

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