Jereme Rogers retires from skateboarding?

Jereme Rogers retires from skateboarding?

Talk about getting in the news and staying there. I thought I was reading a joke when I saw that Jereme Rogers was having a retirement party from skateboarding! What?? And it seems that a lot of people are thinking the same as I am – how can you retire from skateboarding?

But there are always two sides to a coin – he’s made it to the top of the skateboarding circus with all of the sponsoring, traveling, video filming, media engagements – you name it, he’s done it. He’s proven in the past that he sure can skate more than just good so that’s a big point for him. And maybe, hopefully, he just wants out of being in the skateboard limelight.

Of course there’s the other side with his musical ambitions (taste is luckily different for everybody so I’ll just let that be…), his slightly out-of-the-ordinary getting noticed doing strange things on rooftops and generally having skaters and companies starting to avoid him.

Twitter thoughts from Jereme:

“Yes I am officially retired. There will be an article an words from me in “The Skateboard Mag” droppin tomorrow.”

“Thanks to everyone who’s supported me throughout my career, God bless you. Its been a great journey & I wouldn’t change a detail about it”

“I was just informed by the man himself Atiba Jefferson, 1 of the owners of The Skateboard Mag that the article will be out on Monday, my bad”

Well then, lets keep our eyes peeled for that, looking forward to reading what he has to say. Good luck Jereme…too bad with all of those skills.

Jereme Rogers parties out of skateboarding...
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