Jerome Rogers And Where Will It End?

Jerome Rogers And Where Will It End?

Maybe it’s the fever in my head that is making me even comment on this latest output from “ex-skateboarder” Jereme Rogers. I mean, what is he trying to do to himself with this I-want-to-be-a-rapper production which is seriously some of the worst “singing” I have ever heard in my life? Just reading the comments to see if I could find somebody who actually liked it (I mean maybe I just don’t know anything about rap and this is the ultimate breakthrough..) and EVERYBODY is saying he should leave it be and get back to skateboarding.

As usual, you decide as I respect personal opinions but man, if you make it through all 6 minutes of this than respect 🙂 Just to give you a chance to see that he does have some serious skills, I added a skate video in as well.

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