Jesus Fernandez skates for Matix Clothing

Jesus Fernandez joins Matix

Big names in skating usually involve big companies or teams working hard to get them on board their team. Matix just landed the next coup with Jesus Fernandez. Here’s the official Matix statement:

Matix is proud to announce the addition of Jesus Fernandez to the team. The Spanish skater, currently residing in the European skate-Mecca, Barcelona, joins team riders Daewon Song, Rick McCrank, Brandon Biebel, Jeron Wilson, Van Wastell, JB Gillet, Tory Pudwill, Mike Mo Capaldi, Marty Murawski, Mike Anderson, Rodney Mullen and Thrasher magazine’s ‘Skater of the Year’, Marc Johnson on the international line-up for 2008 after turning heads with his break-through video part in Lakai’s, Fully Flared.

“We’re really excited to have Jesus onboard with Matix. He’s a perfect fit on the team.” said Tony Evjenth, Matix Team Manager. “His Lakai video part has opened many eyes to what we’ve known for years – that he rips like no other.” Jesus first started skating with his brothers in his hometown of Madrid before moving to Barcelona 4 years ago. Jesus is about to have his first board released on Chocolate and is currently filming for forthcoming video projects. Plans are also in the pipeline for getting him on the road this year with the Matix team.

Matix joins Lakai, Chocolate and Royal in support for Jesus in 2008 and beyond.

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