Jody Morris – Plan B media director and professional photographer

Jody Morris photographer
Continuing to explore the world of skateboarding, showing you who the people behind the scenes really are, today we’ll introduce Jody Morris, a photographer who has been involved with top skateboarders for over 15 years.
His editorial work includes a 10-years as a senior photographer for Transworld Skateboarding Magazine as well as freelance work for Thrasher Magazine, Skateboarder Magazine, The Skateboard Mag, SBC Skateboard Magazine and almost every other major skateboard publication around the world.

Coming from Vancouver, Canada Jody has been able to push Canadian skateboarders as well, giving them the chance to be in the limelight which can be difficult being so far away from the big magazine photographers.

Jody Morris - Shaun White
photo by Jody Morris – all rights reserved

Outside of skateboarding his photos have turned up in magazines as wide ranged as Disney Adventure to Men’s Fitness, He also spent a few years doubling as a snowboard photographer for Transworld snowboarding and Blunt Magazines. His photography has been the basis of some of skateboarding’s most iconic and influential ad campaigns. Advertising work includes companies such as DC Shoes, Etnies, Adio Footwear, Quicksilver, Nixon, World Industries, Dakine, and Tony Hawk Inc. These days he is the in-house photographer and media director for the newly revived Plan B skateboards and shoots freelance wherever they will have him.

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