John Cardiel first episode on VBS – Epicly Laterd

John Cardiel gets Epicly Later'd

That’s right everybody, the Epicly Later’d series continues over on with (drum roll) no one less than John Cardiel! If I can still read correctly 16 episodes are going up about the man with episode 1 introducing John, where he comes from, why he likes to do body flips and a little insight into his horrible accident down under last year in Australia. People thought he was done for, couldn’t use his legs again, but John has a positive attitude which sees him walking and actually being able to skate a bit again.

Sit back and enjoy another good episode of Epicly Later’d! Just in case the video below doesn’t work sometime in the future, here’s the link to it: click here for John Cardiel Episode 1

And if you want to actually use you brain a bit more and you can read, then check out the Skateboarder Magazine interview with John Cardiel!

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