John Cardiel gets more Epicly Laterd

John Cardiel

Episode 5 of the sixteen part series about John Cardiel has just gone live over on Here’s what Patrick himself has to say about this episode:

“Now we reach the early middle stretch of the John Cardiel series. Originally we were going to call the whole thing “Trip on This: The John Cardiel Story” because of how many times he says “trip on this” during the interviews, but it kinda didn’t fit since the show is already called “Epicly Later’d.”

Anyway, I have to thank two photographers without whom this episode would be far less epic. Bryce Kanights hooked me up with tons of photos of Cardiel back in the day, like the Boreal pictures, Ft. Miley, Studio 43, etc., so thank you Bryce! And Tobin Yelland actually gave me hundreds of photos and let me just go through all his raw footage from Fucktards and everthing. He just handed me a pile of high-8 tapes and said “help yourself.” So all the weird bits of 16mm footage and shots of Julian driving around, those are from Tobin. Thanks!

I’m trying to save up some money to by some prints off those two right now. I think from Tobin I want the shot of Julian stealing the fruit and from Bryce I want either Gonz skating Alcatraz or Mike Carroll going over the hip at Boreal. Anyhow, enjoy the shows… when John gets on Anti-Hero, that’s when shit really starts to pop off.”

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