Julien Furones scores Rockers signature wheel

Julien Furones scores Rockers signature wheel

Julien Furones is an interesting character and one damn good skater. I was skating in the indoor park in Hamburg some time last year and he just turned up and shredded the park somehow…quietly. Sounds strange, but he didn’t put on any shows, just skated, slightly reserved and for hiomself. Maybe it was the language barrier but actions speak louder than words and it was pretty obvious for me that this guy has some serious skills.

Amazingly enough – wow, I can see when someone can really skate – I was right and now I know how good he really does skate. The Antiz Skateboard pro has now gone a step further and hooked up with the sound guys from Rockers Hardware to get his first pro signature wheels in 53mm size and 99a. Support him is all I can say or just buy them right here… And if you want to see why, check the video below…that’s why!

Furones signature wheels with Rockers
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