Jürgen Horrwarths Part For Trap Skateboards

I don’t remember how often I’ve used this claim-to-fame but what feels like 50 years ago (was actually just around 20 years ago) I used to skate once and a while some vert with Jürgen Horrwarth in the south of Germany. The guy skated the ramp like he wasn’t even breaking a sweat, like a freaking cat almost. So stylish, so easy and some mad trickery was already going on back then.

Jürgen Horrwarth has evolved his skills in the vert over the years to an incredibly high level and he can be found in the vert ramp in Berlin, Germany wrecking havoc awith his buttery runs. But as you can see in his full length part for Trap Skateboards he’s got some serious skills on all terrains which makes him once again one of the most underrated skateboarders in the world for me.

Have a look yourself – Jürgen Horrwarth is a beast. If you don’t see him on his board on the streets, grinding down a pool or in a vert ramp, you’ll probably be able to find him in his own healthfood cafe in Berlin called Cafe Örly located at Görlitzer Straße 38.

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