Karlsruhe ODP Skatepark

Skate Spot Checkout – the Karlsruhe ODP skatepark

Finally I’ve been able to combine my love for skateboarding with a real job now so I’ll be traveling a lot through all of Germany and Austria for now on for a major European distribution and getting to meet and skate with skaters all the time – yeah, pretty rad!

So I’ll be going back to posting about skate spots and parks in Europe, especially in Germany and Austria now. The brand new Karlsruhe ODP skatepark (Otto-Dullenkopf-Park) is looking really good with a great combination of concrete flow, transitions, ledges and rails (okay, no bowl but if you want to complain, go somewhere else and moan :)). The Titus shop teams from Freiburg and Karlsruhe put the park to the test and the result is this cool video.

Here’s where you can find this park when you in Germany:

On top of that the park has a perfect lighting system set up and whatever your opinion of sponsoring and big companies in skateboarding is, it sure is cool for the locals and visiting skaters to be able to skate when it’s dark – I love floodlight skating!

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