Keeping the personal touch at Europeskate

me early in the morning
Change is always good and Europeskate needed a change. After standing back and looking at the entire concept for a long time last night, I realized that I want to strengthen the personal touch to the site and not just turn more and more into a news machine. I enjoy searching for what is happening around the world in skateboarding so don’t get me wrong, that won’t stop.

I just see the need to put more energy into talking with you, the readers, with skaters, with photographers, with companies dealing with skateboarding to offer us all more information and worthwhile experiences while spending time on the site. And selfishly speaking, I would be stupid to just collect news…I started this site to keep up with what is happening in skateboarding and to have possibilities to meet and skate with new skaters. So I’ll continue with some new areas turning up and hope to hear your feedback.

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