Kilian Martin Mixing Skateboarding Decades

Kilian Martin Mixing Skateboarding Decades

Many thanks to “Skate and Annoy” for posting this following video featuring Kilian Martin filmed by Brett Novak (check out Brett Novak’s website). What makes this special or just different than most of the skateboarding clips out there? Well, you’ll obviously see that Kilian’s skating combines many elements of freestyle skating and a phrase I hate to use – old school skating – and he wraps it together with skate tricks which are in today.

There are definitely going to be enough people saying “What is that?” or those you enjoy watching the creativity going on in this video – I’m one of the second opinion, great to see something which looks refreshing and not yet another tailslide flip-out or switch-a-maroo trick. Let us know what you think with a comment!

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