King Of The Ramp 2008 in Wörgl, Austria with €5000 in prize money

King Of The Ramp 2008

Already in it’s fifth year the King Of The Ramp has attracted some top skaters every year to show their stuff in Wörgl, Austria. This year the competition will have € 5000 of prize money waiting for the winners and if you were able to see some of the video impressions from the ISPO in Munich this year, then you know that the Volcom ramp will be the platform for this contest.

Here’s the news direct from Roman Astleiner, Muckefuck Skateboards team rider (8th place at the Volcom Rock It Like A Hurricane contest):

The legendary “King of the Ramp” contest is celebrating its 5th anniversary on the 1st of March 2008. For the first time in our contest history the session will not take place in our private indoor facility in Kufstein. For this jubilee we organized a sensational location at the ALPEWA building (about 1000 m2) in Bruckhäusl / Wörgl. The 21m wide ramp provided by “IOU-RAMPS” will be pimped with special Red Bull obstacles! Also the prize money has increased to € 5000,–. Europe’s top transition junkies will fight during the spectacular “death-match-modus”, for the money and the 2008 title. At the “best trick show” the riders can win XXL brew for their thirsty throats and a pot filled with cash!

We will also try to organize a live stream for those of you who can’t make it to Tirol! The pre – qualification on Friday is limited to 20 riders! Inscription only possible via email:

King Of The Ramp footage

In the evening, we keep our people motivated with the after-contest-party that we will celebrate in the “Komma” (Wörgl). On 2 floors we have 5 live acts from Reggae to Punk, so that everybody has the choice to either dance or bang his head to the well known bands from our line-up.

On the main stage Viva la Muerte and Inn-A-Valley will get people into proper shaking mood. As Green Frog Feet, No opinion and Los Deepest will do their best to make sure everybody’s neck is hurting after the big head banging session in the “Black Box”!

King Of The Ramp 2008 flyer
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