KING SHIT Magazine with Chris Nieratko

KING SHIT Magazine with Chris Nieratko

Had to grab your attention somehow and it seems to work quite well when Chris Nieratko’s name turns up. I can also mention Dave Carnie, Big Brother, Ryan Stutt, Harry Gils and Scotty MacDonald and throw them all into one bowl – bad pun, I know – and out comes the brand new “King Shit” magazine and website.

It’s about time that not yet another publication about skateboarding comes out, but something that really grabs your attention by the balls. Remains to be seen if the mag can keep up to the expectation levels and finance itself in the tough financial waters currently. The first issue will be available in your local skate shop (well, probably in North America..) from May 11th and you can subscribe as well.

Features in this issue: Jordan Hoffart, Hugo Balek, Dave Carnie’s typical writing(booze and poop involved), Todd Bratrud (the guest art director of the first issue) and of course Chris Nieratko and his AMBush concept.

– Go to the King Shit website here…

King Shit Magazine cover and Dave Carnie

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