Krux Kickflip Challenge – new world record again!

Krux Kickflip Challenge new world record

This is going crazy – just this past weekend the world record for consecutive, flat ground kickflips has been broken once again and this time by Laurens Groeneveld with an insane 566 kickflips! His kingpin broke at 540 but luckily enough he was allowed to ride another deck to beat the standing world record by three kickflips.

Laurens Groenewald
Laurens Groenwald – thanks to Tackyworld for the picture

So how does the competition work?

1. Each entrant tries as many consecutive, flat ground kickflips as they can. They must be rolling and no toe drag.
2. If they bail on the 1st kickflip then the 1st Flip Rebate takes effect. The entrant can have one more chance on the consecutive kickflip contest
3. The number of consecutive kickflips is recorded and the next entrant goes.
4. Entrant with the highest number of kickflips wins prize package and is the Krux Kickflip Challenge Champion for that location.

The finals are still around the corner in Holland so how about 600 kickflips anybody? Check the Krux website for more updates…

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