Krux Trucks Dutch Kickflip Challenge Series

Krux Trucks are sponsoring a kickflip challenge series through November and December in Holland to see if somebody out there has the ollie kickflip magical power to beat the ridiculous record set a while back of 563 consecutive kickflips!!! Click here to find out when and where you can show your skills if you happen to be in Holland.

The following dates have been set for the Kickflip Challenge:

November 11th 2007 in the World SKate Center, Den Bosch
November 18th 2007 in the Real-X Skatepark, Apeldoorn
November 25th 2007 in the Meker Skatepark, Middelburg
December 2nd 2007 in the Coloseum Skatepark, Groningen
December 9th 2007 THE FINAL in the Skatepark Amsterdam

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