Labskaus City Tour 2007 and Morphium Skateboards 10th anniversary

The city of Hamburg, Germany is a great city to enjoy life to the fullest. Located in the north close to the North Sea coast, Hamburg has the flair of a large coastal city which brings together people and customs from around the world while keeping a bit of that small town feeling in the different parts of the city. This weekend some of the Hamburg’s well known skateboard companies are putting together two chilled contests which have a lot of history behind them.

Morphium Skateboards is celebrating their 10th anniversary at the Hamburg rollerskate rink in the Planten & Blomen-Park with a Best-Trick and Best-Slam-Contest which will be held with teams battling each other for the win on 4 different obstacles. Cash will be given away on the spot from the judges. The event starts on Saturday, September 1st at 2 in the afternoon. To get to the spot just follow this link:

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The Labskaus City Tour 2007 is five years old and this contest starts off on the world famous Reeperbahn in front of the Meanie Bar at 11 in the evening with the always funny “Drunken Game of SKATE” – yeah, drunk skaters “battling” it out. I have to be there for this one as the skaters really get into the drunken side of it!

Maybe I should explain first what “Labskaus” is….Labskaus (also spelled Lapskaus) is a specialty from Northern Germany and in particular from the cities of Bremen, Lübeck, and Hamburg. The main ingredients are corned beef, potatoes, herring, onion and beetroot.

The meal is traditionally prepared by boiling the beef in water and then mincing it with the beetroot, herbs, onions and herring (some recipes use ham). Finally the base is stewed in lard and then finished off in a stock. The final touch is the garnish of mashed potato. (Thanks to Wikipedia). So now you know what it is – the next part of the contest continues on Sunday, September 2nd at 15.00 (everybody meets again at the rollerskate rink). 5 street spots will be attacked and taken apart, again for prizes being sponsored by Carhartt, Lakai, Cleptomanicx and more….

So if you are nearby, get over to Hamburg, it is a weekend of fun and games ahead!

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