Lakai Footwear to help the Dummeeez!

Lakai Limited Footwear for Dummeeeez

Lakai Limited Footwear has been mixing up the industry big time in the last few months and it seems their marketing teams are working full blast to make sure we all do not forget about their shoe line. A good way to get attention is by creating a catalog which resembles a trademark people already know well. And that’s just what the Lakai team did: the Spring 2008 Lakai Limited Footwear for Dumeeez catalog is the secong catalog this season (check out DXLSF’s interactive catalog right here…) which is showing the future of skateboard marketing, at least fro this season it seems.

Crammed with information about every series of shoes Lakai has, you can inform yourself about all of the products Lakai has to offer and find detailed information about the new Limited Editions.

Lakai Limited Footwear Catalog Spring 2008
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