Land Of Marble – The Pietrasanta Skateplaza

Wrote this 6 days ago and never posted it, duh! Europe has been lucky to have been able to slowly but surely see the rise of the development and construction of skate parks in cities all over. Perfect for those who love to travel and skate new parks and spots in different countries.

The Pietrasanta Skateplaza was created with the support from local marble dealers (hmm, sounds a bit weird to call them dealers but you get what I mean right?) using marble which had basically been discarded or seen as not good enough to sell. A great idea for an outdoor park as grinding and sliding on marble is marvelous. The park has already been around since 2012 so it if anybody knows how the marble is holding up in the battle against grinds, let us know. Check out the map below to add this to your skate trip if you are headed towards Italy any time soon!

Director & Editor: Simone Verona
Supervisor & Photography: Federico Romanello

Find the Pietrasanta Skateplaza:

Größere Kartenansicht

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