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I will be starting a new article type today – basically I will be going to some of the major online sites (and if possible smaller ones with good infos) around Europe gathering tidbits of information about the European scene, what is happening with the skaters, companies, whose doing new graphics and whatever falls in my lap. I’ll continue bringing shorter updates about contest and skateparks to make sure those keep flowing into the concept.

Last Mag 19

News straight from France ( – Just this morning I came across a great looking magazine called “Last Mag” which is all in French – which is okay for me as I can at least understand the language. It shows off quite a bit of their graphical knowledge and style which is really nice to look at and certainly if you can read it, do so. They invested a lot of energy in creating this good piece so I’ll be checking into it tonight. You can download a PDF version of the magazine on their site or help support them by buying it.

Lyon has its very own skate website which is currently a bit basic but they seem to be keeping the information flow up. Check the site right here:

Cliché Skateboards has presented their new line up of skateboards called X-Rays with board widths between 7.5 and 8.0.

Cliché Skateboards

Definitely a must-see site with some kick-ass videoscomes straight out of France – lots of good street and pool skating to be seen here with some really well created video cuts. Go over to for more, it’s worth it. It sure made my lunch break more fun today….now let me see, August 6th I fly down to Nizza so August 7th I can drive over to Marseille *hehe*

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