Latest Videos – July 19th 2009

Some more work had to be done on the site as some parts of the site weren’t showing up for some of you guys out there – sorry about that. But it all seems to be working again and I am starting off my Sunday morning with three videos that are fresh on the web.

Elliot Murphy’ part from the “Scope this too” video (filmed and created by Jeff Halstad), which is being shown on the Exitrealworld website, is up and filled with a bunch of street flippery/slide/manny wizardry. Elliot controls his board and you can see it all right here. Watch it…

Moving on to the next video, Etnies hit Arizona this year for the Recognition Tour with Sean Malto, Mikey Taylor, Tyler Bledsoe and Nick Fiorini. Over 9 minutes of sunny skateboarding at some cool spots help to get the day started! Watch it…

And last but not least to get you moving we travel all the way to Tokyo for another 8 minutes of Traffic Skateboards featuring skating from Bobby Puleo, Henry Panza, Jack Sabback, Rich Adler and Ricky Oyola. Watch it…

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