Le Hangar skatepark in Nantes, France

Sometimes it gets pretty frustrating looking up skateparks, trying to find good pictures AND seeing loads of websites about parks WITHOUT the address!!! People, we want to skate the parks so include the freaking address!! Well, I did get the address for the “Le Hangar” skatepark in Nantes, France but no pictures so I’ll contact them as well…stay tuned. The park has a ahlfpipe, pool and a street area and it is over 5000 square meters, all indoor!
Address: 9, All̩e des Vinaigriers РPrairie de Mauves, Nantes РFrance

Visit the website and learn some French by clicking here!

[gmap name=’mymap’ lat=’47.219372′ lng=’-1.512005′ width=’680′ zoom=’14’ desc=’Le Hangar Skatepark, Nantes, France’]

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