Learning how to dress as a skateboader?????

Oh noooo, how stupid can it get??? Well, this will be a real short post but you have to take a look at this website which has the sub-title ” How To Do Just About Everything” (eHow.net).

Okay, fair enough, people making websites try to catch other people’s attention with a statement. Ooooh, “Connecting Europe’s Skateboaders”, I know, I can’t go making fun of other people, so I won’t! That is not what grabbed my attention – the article they have entitled “How to buy the right clothes for each skateboard look” is just plain INSANE!

There are three different types of skaters you can become :

– the punk skater and the fresh/hip-hop skater

– the hippy/rasta skater and the plain old skater or

– the artsy/jazzy skater or the unusual skater

okaaaay, let’s just file this one away as a big laugh I guess!!!

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