Lifeblood Skateboards X Blood Wizard Summer Tour – Parts 1 to 3

Playing catch up with the Lifeblood Skateboards X Blood Wizard Summer Tour videos so here you have three of them all at once!

In the midst of one of North America’s hottest summers on record, Lifeblood and Blood Wizard joined up for a road trip out to Colorado and back this past July 2012 with the desire and intentions to shred as much skateable terrain as possible for ten days straight.

Join Kevin Kowalski, Dalton Dern, Cody Lockwood, Mason Merlino, Jack Given, Anakin Senn, Jerry Gurney, Chris Gregson, Toad, Johnny Turgesen, Bryce Kanights, Joey Martin, Frank Faria, and Mark Scott for our conclusive episode of summer fun.

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