List Of 48 Top Pro Skaters Announced For The NVC Maloof Money Cup

List Of 48 Top Pro Skaters Announced For The NVC Maloof Money Cup

The suspense is being built up for the upcoming New York City edition of the 2010 Maloof Money Cup contest which will be taking place June 5th and 6th in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens with a staggering $250,000 US dollars in prize money going to the winners – yeah, we’ve been watching skateboarding grow and it has definitely entered the major leagues of sport events. Check out the starter list which promises a mad contest.

Who got to select the skaters? Jake Phelps, Bill Weiss, Ewan Bowman, Mike Sinclair, Jamie Thomas, Seamus Deegan, Kelly Bird, Steve Rodriguez, Mark Waters, Mike Burnett, Mark Nardelli, Jamie Hart, Remy Stratton and Tim Gavin. And here they are:

Adam Dyet
Alex Olsen
Anthony Van Engelen
Billy Marks
Brandon Biebel
Brandon Westgate
Brian Anderson
Brian Hansen
Bryan Herman
Chris Cole
Chris Haslam
Chris Pfanner
Corey Duffel
Darrell Stanton
David Gonzalez
David Gravette
Dennis Busenitz
Dustin Dollin
Emmanuel Guzman
Eric Koston
Geoff Rowley
Grant Taylor
Greg Lutzka
Jake Duncombe
Jamie Tancowny
Justin Brock
Keegan Sauder
Leo Romero
Lizard King
Luan Oliveira
Marc Johnson
Mark Appleyard
Mike Carroll
Mike Mo Capaldi
Nick Dompierre
Nyjah Huston
Omar Salazar
Paul Rodriguez
Pete Eldridge
Peter Ramondetta
Ryan Sheckler
Sean Malto
Stefan Janoski
Tommy Sandoval
Torey Pudwill
Zered Bassett

NY Wildcard Skaters
Danny Falla
Eli Reed

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