Little Sista Skateboard Cup in Leipzig, Germany – August 11th

Yet another skateboard contest going on August 11th in Leipzig, Germany at the Conne Island skatepark. This is the 12th time this contest is being held and over 3000 Euros in prizes from loads of companies will be given to the best riders in three different groups.
Jart Skateboards “Now or Never” video will be shown as well in evening along with a barbecue and bands playing as well. There’s a street area and a miniramp lanscape which looks pretty cool. The whole area is situated in a “mini forest” in the middle of town – sounds cool to me!

Here’s the place to go in Leipzig:

[gmap name=’ConneIsland’ lat=’51.30273′ lng=’12.37427′ width=’680′ zoom=’10’ desc=’Conne Island, Germany’]

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