London’s Meanwhile 2 spot Rebirth session

Meanwhile 2 Rebirth

Ahh, it’s great to be able to be back here catching up with what is goign on around Europe and the world in skateboarding AND being able to go for an afternoon skate session myself today. So while I’m drinking my morning coffee I checked out the action which took place this past weekend at the Meanwhile 2 skate spot in London.

The session was packed and looked really intense, I personally love the bowl area with the bank leading up to it for some sweet transfers and the damn large gap – not sure if I’d even make it over that thing but guys like Dan Wileman did a perfect bigspin flip over it and Dave Snaddon did a really good looking backside flip over it as well. The good old Gyppo Army was there as well with Aaron Sweeney pushing the limits yet again with a rad 360 backside transfer from the bank into the bowl area.

Definitely a spot to hit if you make it to London, the only video I could find up till now is over on the site:

– Video of some of the action
Caught in the Crossfire story

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