Lords of The Lines 2008 contest with $16000 up for grabs

Lord of The Lines 2008 contest

The second installment of the Lords of The Lines contest will be held January 26th, 2008 at the ASR Tradeshow in San Diego, California. With 16,000 US dollars up for grabs at this invite only contest for pro and am skaters this is definitely one to watch next year. Take a look at the course and what the skaters have to do to grab the pot of gold…

Using three specific obstacles placed in a row, riders have ten minutes to create a continuous line using the obstacles provided. Winners of each heat make their way to the final battle and one line will take it all. In 2008, a new course based around ledge boxes, varying in size and capability will be provided. All obstacles can be used as either ledge boxes or manual pads, varying for rider capability. Contest starts Saturday Jan. 26th at 1:00 pm (practice from 11 am- 1pm). L.O.T.L. will be open for public viewing.

Here’s an overview of the obstacle placement – reminds me a bit of Game Of Skate, just with some boxes as well…

Lord of The Lines 2006 contest area
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