Los Angeles to open Lafayette skate plaza

Los Angeles to open Lafayette skate plaza

Skate plazas seem to be the one of the latest (and pretty much smartest) building concepts for skateboard parks in cities. I am guessing that the average reader on this site will know what is meant with a skate plaza – it is basically a reconstruction of urban city landscapes which can be found in most cities and towns BUT these are built with the support of the cities – which means that you can skate there without getting a fine or in trouble.

This is more targted towards American cities as in Europe this problem isn’t as widespread – even though certain cities such as Barcelona have started to crack down on street skaters.

The Rob Dyrdek / DC shoes Skate Plaza Foundation has made it to it’s goal to support non-profit organizations or municipalities in the design and construction of exactly theses plaza to keep supporting skaters. Great idea and good again to see some smart thinking and use of the connections certain top skaters have.

Los Angeles is the next on the list with the Lafayette Safe Spot, Skate Spot which will be completed by late February 2009. Check out the renderings of the plaza.

Rob Dyrdek / DC shoes Skate Plaza Foundation website

Lafayette Plaza overview

Lafayette Plaza view 1

Lafayette Plaza view 2

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