Luan Oliveira Turns Pro With Flip Skateboards

Luan Oliveira Turns Pro With Flip Skateboards - click here!

Luan Oliveira is now one of the big guns on Flip Skateboards after they have promoted him to pro status earlier this week. My favorite statement that is seen everywhere in connection with him seems to be “technical wizardry” – never thought I’d hear that description for a skateboarder but however you want to desribe him, he’s been on a roll the past year winning contests and just proving his skills through his skating. Check out his run at this year’s Tampa Am 2009 and head over to the Flip website for his intro video. And his new pro board can be checked out right here as well. Let’s see how he does against the pros!

» Flip Skateboards website

Luan Oliveira's first Flip pro board
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