Lucas Puig And The Amazing Kurd Are My Heroes Video

Lucas Puig is on a major video roll at the moment after appearing in the Transworld Skateboarding “Pro Spotlight” just recently, now he lays the next more than solid skate clip in the Toulouse based French video release “Kurd Are My Heroes”. And yeah, he sure attracts our attention but the rest of the video clip is quite amazing to say the least.

Julien Ducas and Hugo Campan created the video which is a banging 43 minutes long! If it’s raining, you’re injured or back from a skate session, here’s something really good to do. Skating by Amine Taoussi, Hugo Campan, Julien Ducas, Reda Taoussi, Brian Bunting, Etienne Baunin, Lucas Puig, Nico Dansan, Olivier Durou, David Lestrade and Romain Jorda. Puts Toulouse back big time on the skate map if you ask me, nice one!

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