Magnum is down with Roger Skateboards

Roger Skateboards

What the f&%k is this guy talking about? you might be thinking….Roger Skateboards is a new brand I just read about over at the SKateboard Mag site and of course I had to have a look as it has something to do with Michael Sieben (watch his adidas video clip I wrote about yesterday…).

Roger Skateboards looks like it has been started as the follow-up company for the short lived Bueno Skateboards (maybe this is a spoof and I am gullible – the Bueno Skateboards site is still there, sort of, with some text from last year and a lot of broken links so it does look a bit run done..) by Stacy Lowery and Michael Sieben. So what you may be saying, another skateboard company.

Well, if you like Michael’s graphics like I do, then you know this isn’t just another company. Really nice decks here and I hope they get around to bringing out some gear to wear…the future will tell us more, good luck guys!

Roger Skateboards website

Roger Skateboards decks

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