Malmo’s new concrete – Sibbarp skatepark

Malmo's new concrete - Sibbarp skatepark

I was in Malmö, Sweden just this past summer and before we headed over to the contest one morning, we were directed to the latest in concrete wonders to go on display in Sweden. This time only a few kilometers away from the Stapelbäddsparken skatepark a quite different skate plaza of sorts has been put together. Nothing is higher than around 4 feet but everything is there – transitions, volcanoes, ledges, you name it – you’ll find it and you can coast the entire park without having to push!

It wasn’t finished back in summer but the construction team including Dave Toms, Chooky Fowler aka Jezza, Tobias Henriksson, Nils Svensson, John Magnusson, Patrik Evander and Pontus Alv really put together a beauty of a park. Lots of fun and a good place to chill – really close to the sea as well and away from neighbourhood the way, the grand opening was already held August 30th!

Here’s where you can find the park:

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