Maloof Money Cup 2008 news update

I wrote last week about the mega Maloof Money Cup with the largest payout in skateboard history coming up next year from July 11th till the 13th in Orange County, California. In the post I was wondering – more to myself – how the prize money was to be divided up and Diondra McFerran who is working on the Maloof Money Cup team cleared me up on the mathematics behind it all and some more.

In the original post I reported that $100,000 prize will be awarded to the champion of the US Pro Street Championship, $75,000 and a sports utility vehicle will go to the winner of the US Pro Vert Championship, and $25,000 will be given to the winner of the US Women’s Pro Street Championship. The top ten spots in EACH of these competitions will be receiving prize money as well. Right, actually that should have been very obvious to me so please excuse the wrong information.

The organizers are working hard to push the contest and the website will be receiving regular updates so get over there to watch how this whole incredible event develops.

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